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Chooz! was a web game, allowing players to interact socially, by expressing preferences in presented images. A set of three images was shown to all the players. One of the players would choose one of them and the rest of the players had the challenge to guess the chosen image. With this game, we tried to trigger non verbal communication between remote peers, in an on-line context. Testing the possible strength of visuals over words, we suggested a way of bringing people closer and finding common interests. Examples of pictures that we showed: Three different movie actors, three different foods, or even three different scribbles.

Video of game

Instructor: Koen van Turnhout
Concept design: Ioannis Politis, Angeliki Angeletou, Ryo Sakai
Graphics: Ioannis Politis, Angeliki Angeletou
Programming: Ioannis Politis, Ryo Sakai
Introductory video: Ioannis Politis

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