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Ioannis Politis


A prototyping tool for architects


"Design a tangible platform for quick and easy model prototyping by architecture students."

This was the project challenge. The solution we suggested was based on the use of generic wooden shapes, representing the architectural structures in the interface. In our idea, the architecture students would be able to manipulate the shapes in real time and even build structures out of multiple shapes. When pleased with the result, they would be able to export it into 3D models and thus end up with a quick-built prototype that they could further improve. To refine our concept, we met with architecture teachers from Eindhoven University of Technology and observed students during their work. We evaluated our initial concepts and finalized our idea after several iterations of the design.

Project presentation


Instructor: Panos Markopoulos
Concept design: Ioannis Politis, Angeliki Angeletou, Rafal Kocielnik, Jonathan van Wijngaarden

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