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Ioannis Politis


Designing therapeutic games for children with cerebral palsy

Tagtiles games

Between September and December 2010, I spent time designing games to support therapy of children with cerebral palsy. This work was done under the Wiki Therapist project taking place in TU/e. Following an iterative design process, a number of games for the TagTiles board were developed and evaluated with children in therapy settings. Interviews with therapists during visits in clinics were used as input for the concept and the games were much appreciated as helpful tools for therapy. The ability to easily customise the games by the therapists, while providing a fun experience to the children were among the major considerations during the design. The final product received positive comments in all of these aspects. This work was also presented as a demo in Interact 2011 conference.

Video of games (1)

Video of games (2)

Project presentation

In the news (website in Dutch)

In the news (magazine in Dutch)

Instructor: Panos Markopoulos
Project team: Ioannis Politis, Areti Goulati, Beant Kaur Dhilon, Agata Raczewska

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