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Ioannis Politis


Multimodal navigation stick

The process of creating the stick

My interest in multimodal interaction and design for people with impaired vision was the trigger of this project. The final product was a design for a navigation stick for the blind. The second part of the Stick project involved the implementation of a working prototype. The stick we developed provided tactile feedback, as well as a direction arrow that moved through a Flash interface to the desired direction. The final iteration of its design was to implement a speech interface for the menu features of the stick. The prototype was tested with healthy users, in an artificial no-vision environment.

Project presentation part 1

Project presentation part 2

Project report

Instructors: Laurence Nigay, Bert Bongers, Jacques Terken
Concept design: Ioannis Politis, Miroslav Bojic, Beant Kaur Dhillon, Jorge Peregrin Emparanza, Dalila Szostak
Prototype (wood, plastic, Phidget board): Ioannis Politis, Miroslav Bojic
Interface design & evaluation: Ioannis Politis, Beant Kaur Dhilon

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